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Our solution makes your job simple and secure. We have contactless solutions for Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Takeaway shops, Juice & Ice cream shops

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We solve customer problems quickly and easily in this COVID age.

Stay Happy & Secure

Less disturbance dining experience for Romeo and Juliet. Customers can order using a Contactless menu and even pay using contactless payment.

Make Them Happy

Your staff still can greet customers along with great food. your staff can focus more on delivering instead of taking orders and taking payments.

Be Transperancy

Be Transparent to your customers by telling the status of cooking, it sets the expectations and keeps cravings on.

Give Accuracy

Get orders with 100 % accuracy. Do you know if customer order 10 items, and if 1 order misplaced then that one order get you 1 star instead of 5 Stars.

Our Motive

Big branded companies Uber Eats, deliveroo, doordash , menulog etc.. pull your customers into their platform and donot let you directly communicate. Do you know customers love your food not big brands platform. We have seen some small business do bankrupt due to huge commissions they charge. So we have built a simple order platform called Orderhola for you to get orders directly, We let you talk with your customers directly and avoid huge commissions. Our ordering system is fully integrated from your customer to till your kitchen. No paper dockets and easy to use with live status update to customers.


Contactless Solutions is convenient, fast and secure. Get our CRM to deliver effortless payment experience to your customers, now customers can tap to pay within seconds by enable contactless solution.

Contactless Visitors Registration

Quick and new way of touchless registrations will be the future of modern cafe's. Guests' information can be captured easily using our QR registration. It directly loads data into our CRM

Contactless Menu

After being seated, guests can access the menu by scanning the QR code available on the dining table. Guests can add items to order, and view the cooking status using their phone. The owner/manager can change the menu items as required.

Contactless Order

Once guests place the order, it is displayed on the Tablet/Computer as needed by Chef/front desk. The system allows additional items to be added to you at any time based on the table number.

Contactless Payments

No need of singnature or PIN. Now contactless payments are safe, secure, easy and convenient. When guests are ready payment can be made at the table itself using contactless payments.

Contactless Receipts

With our inventive e-Receipts you can capture your customers' e-mail addresses, vital information on customer preferences. Contactless Solutions helps businesses provide customers with a hygiene, safer receipt option.


Reduce cost and provide seamless experience to your customers. Maintain your own CRM, your data is your asset. Use it wisely to get more business inside. we will guide you on how you can do.

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