Contactless Solutions Privacy Policy


1.1 Hi, we are the Contactless Solutions (ABN: 26 658 327 895) (Contactless Solutions, we, us). The sole purpose of providing you with the Privacy Policy of Contactless Solutions Website is to make sure that you have full understanding of your obligations and rights whenever you are directed to our website cited at (Website)

1.2 This policy defines:

  • What is referred to as personal information.
  • What sort of personal information is held and retrived by us?
  • How we retrive, disclose, utilize, or hold the personal information.
  • The reason why we retrieve personal information.
  • How to access your personal information and how to correct it.
  • Whether are not we reveal personal information outside Australia.
  • How to get in touch with us

1.3 Contactless Solutions respects the privileges, secrecy and confidentiality of all the Customers/users and is devoted to fulfil and obey the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Act) along with the Australian Privacy Principles and securing the personal information we possess.

1.4 With the passage of time, we may modify, revise and update this policy, by taking into account the new revised laws, recent technology or/and variations to our maneuvers. All personal information in our possession will be managed according to the state-of-the-art policy and we will provide you with an update by publishing the revised policy on to our Website.


2.1 As stated in this policy, the term “personal information” has the meaning assigned to it in the Act. Generally, it is referred to any sort of information that can be utilized to identify/recognize you personally. Certain factors such as your name, gender, age, postal code and contact details (whether phone numbers or email addresses) and probably all your financial details such as your credit card, direct debit account data are involved in it. If all the above-mentioned information that we retrieve can be helpful in identifying you personally, then this type of information is referred to as personal information.


3.1 The personal information retrieved by us helps us in assisting you and granting you access to the Website and its corresponding functionality.

3.2 This may include personal information such as:

  • Personal or Company name.
  • Mailing or street address.
  • Email address.
  • Telephone number.
  • Details of what products you have shown interest or purchased from a venue.
  • Any additional information relating to you that you provide to us directly through our website, by phone, email, surveys, or in-person, or information you have provided indirectly through use of our Website or online presence via our ambassadors or otherwise.

4.1 Your personal information is retrieving directly from you unless or until it is unreasonable, irrational, or unfeasible to do so. We do this in ways including:

  • When you enroll yourself as a user of the Website.
  • Via your access and usage of our Website or Vendor Menu.
  • Via some third-party who has provided us with your personal information.
  • During discussions amongst you and us through phone or email (if any).

4.2 We can also retrieve your personal information through third party organizations for instance law enforcement authorities along with other government agencies, e-commerce platforms, data suppliers, advocates, mailing lists and contractors and trading partners.

4.3 We can also allow third parties, to have access to personal information, involved with Contactless Solutionsin order to perform certain activities in their personal capacity, such as handling credit card details, as well as other third party organizations which you have authorized for retrieving information and data held by Contactless Solutions.

4.4 We may retrieve and reveal personal information to third party organization for a number of legit reasons as described in this policy. These reasons are:

  • To improve efficiency of communication between Contactless Solutions and you.
  • To save storage and management of your personal information so that Contactless Solutions can provide you with proper access to the Website and much more.

4.5 The key objective behind retrieving your personal information make sure that we provide you with the greatest customer services.

4.6 We oftenretrieve personal information as part of giving you access to Website, for the venue to be able to communicate with you regarding your meal or drink, keeping you up to date about them, thus obeying our contract and other legal responsibilities, advertising promotions as well as other commercial activities or establishing our bond with you by replying to your queries and providing you with adequate information about Contactless Solutions activities that might be of certain interest to you.

4.7 Your personal information may be utilized for managing, establishing, or upgrading the system accessed by You through the Website.

4.8 Your personal information will never be revealed, exchanged, rented, or traded other than when mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

4.9 We may reveal your personal information to:

  • Our contractors, employees, economic operators, license holders or third-party organizations to run our business through the Website, fulfilling your demands, including external paying agents (payment processors).
  • Certain third parties authorizedsolely by you to retrieve information held by us (e.g. a Venue from which you wish to receive marketing details)
  • The policemen, any related authority or law enforcement, or your network operator or Internet Service Provider, for instance, if we suspect that a certain individual has caused violation in our terms and conditions and has been involved in any sort of illegal actions then we reasonably believe that that individual should be revealed.
  • As mandatory or permitted by any law (including the Privacy Act).

5.1 We have the right to save information regarding the transaction if you utilize our Website to make payment or other economic transactions (like payingfor invoices via the Website for products or services that you utilized from any of the third-party venue). This information includes all the payment details for instance, your debit card or credit card number, billing info and other relevant account or/and contact details (Financial Information).

5.2 Your information regarding finances will only be retrieved by us once we have your consent. However, you can still open and navigate to our Website without revealing your Financial details.

5.3 Your Financial Information is utilized exclusively to make payments for the Ordered products or/and the services that you demand or purchase by making use of our Website. The sole reason behind retrieving your Financial Information is to transfer the funds and to conduct payments triggered by you.

5.4 Throughout the entire process of payment, your data id fully encrypted, and all your financial details are only shared with your credit card issuer, third party paying agents or other financial facilitiesin order to process payments. The Financial details that we retrieve from you are kept extremely confidential.

5.5 We do not save your Financial details once the transaction has been made, until or unless you agree to us saving your details by checking a box which will allow us to save your Financial details for future payments or transactions. However, in case you have any type of insecurity, you can ask us remove your information from our records.

5.6 We may utilize third party paying agents in order to deal with online payment procedure. These paying agents are not allowed to save, restore, or use your Financial details or other personal information, and are just allowed to process payments on our behalf, and are bound to keep any sort of Financial Information strictly confidential.


6.1 We can send you updates regarding our marketing communications and other relevant information about our services that might be of interest to you. These updates can be sent in several forms, such aselectronic mail or SMS according to thestate-of-the-art marketing laws, like the Spam Act 2004 (Cth). However, if you choose to communicate through a method of your own choice, we will use that method wherever practical.

6.2 Moreover, if you don’t not wish to receive any sort of marketing communication emails, you can inform us directly by reaching out to us (details mentioned below) or by vising the unsubscribe option in our emails. By doing so, your name will be eliminated from our mailing list. Without your approval, we do not provide other marketing organizations with your personal information.

6.3 Even if unsubscribe to the updates that you receive from us, you acknowledge that we can still send you information on the provision of any services that we organize or the goods or services that you purchased through our Website.

6.4 You have full right to contact us (details mentioned below) if you suspect that the communications that you receive from us have been sent to you other than the terms of this policy.


7.1 Our Website is hosted by third party or internal IT (Within Australia and overseas) service providers.

Contactless Solutions may provide access to the third-party service providers with your personal information to process for internal business or analysis purpose.

We do not assure you of the privacy policies followed by third-party service providers and so we are not answerable for their content or/and privacy policies.


8.1 Your personal information won’t be revealed to any individual or other organizations that are outside of Australia (Except Contactless Solutions IT Team). If for some reason we are bound to send your information overseas, you will get informed before hand and you will be provided with all the related details.

8.2 If we are asked to reveal your personal information to foreign organizations, we will make sure to follow all the necessary steps so that the overseas recipients of your personal information do not violate your privacy rightsin reference to your personal information.


9.1 You may request access to any of your personal information that we possess at any moment by getting contact with us at [email protected]

9.2 You won’t be charged for requesting access to your personal information or if you want to make any sort of corrections in your personal information. You will be asked to validate your identity if you want access to your personal details. There may be times where we won’t be able to give you access to your personal information held by us due to some reason. For instance, we may deny your access request if it causes an interference in privacy of others, or if it leads to violation of general privacy terms. And in this case, you will be provided with a reasonable justification for any denial.

9.3 You are requested to immediately amend your personal information if you think that it is incorrect. But that too will happen if we feel like the information needs changes. If we disagree that there is any sort of changes required, then we will add a note to the personal information indicating that you are not in favor of it.

9.4 We appeal that you keep your information up to date so that we can improve the services provided by us to you.


10.1 We will follow all the necessary protocols in order to secure your personal information held by us from any type of damage, misuse, or unauthorized access by using password access,firewalls, secure servers as well as encryption of credit card transactions.

10.2 If you suspect any type of damage, mistreat or unauthorized access to your personal information, please let us know on the spot.

10.3 If we suspect any misuse or damage of, or unlicensed access to your personal information we will notify you of it and follow all the necessary protocols in order to cease any type of access or distribution of your personal details in future. The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) will be followed If we find that the violation will most probably cause serious damage to you and we are incapable of preventing the likely risk of serious damage with remedial action.

10.4 If in case we retrieve unsought personal information which we are not allowed to retrieve under terms of this privacy policy or/and according to the boundaries set by the law, we will obliterate or exterminate that piece of information immediately..


11.1 Whenever you make use of our Website, both the third-party service providers as well as Contactless Solutions may attain some data through certain web technologies like web beacons,cookies, tags and navigational data collection (for instance server logs, log files, clickstream data) for improved understanding of your user experience. The data we retrieve might include general things like time, date along with duration of visits and which webpages you have navigated to.

11.2 Cookies are a basic summary file which contains a unique ID number. Whenever you navigate to our Website, we may send a cookie either to your computer or/and mobile device. Sending you cookies allows us to identify your computer or device from where you are logged in and allows us to welcome you every time you pay a visit to our Website, without sending you a request to register or log-in. Also, it helps us in keeping track of what services or products you view, so that we can send you updates regarding those services or products.

11.3 Cookies may also be used to assess traffic patterns, to specify which parts of our websites have been visited by you, and to assess transaction patterns on the whole. The sole purpose of doing this is to study our users’ habits in detail so that we get a chance to improve our services. If you do not want to accept cookies, you have full right to change your browser settings so that your device does not accept them.

11.4 We may also retrieve users’ IP addresses (the electronic addresses of computers which are linked to the internet) to track user movements, examine trends, administer the website and collect extensive demographic information.

11.5 Generally, the information that we retrieve is not related to your personal identity, except when it is retrieved through links in the emails of Contactless Solutions or the places where you have identified yourself. Also, we may retrieve anonymous and unidentified data (except for the personal information) in relation to your movement on our website (including IP addresses) through cookies. This information is often utilized for administering the services provided by us, analyzing trends, reporting statistics, diagnosing glitches and targeting as well as improving the quality of services that we provide. Since this part if information is not personal as it does not identify you or any other individual, as a matter of fact, the Australian Privacy Principles are not applicable on it and we have full authority to utilize this information in any manner and for any reason whatsoever.


12.1 You have full right to contact us via the email: [email protected] if you suspect that your privacy has been violated by us, or if you have any other queries or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy and provide us with details of the event so that we can explore more about it.

12.2 We are sincerely devoted to the rubrics, spirits, regulations, and objectives specified in this Privacy Policy and it is our goal to make sure that all of your demand or complaints (if any) are processed with full secrecy. After receiving you complain, our operators will directly get in touch with you to address your concerns and the issues you are facing and take all possible measures to resolve them on time. We assure you that your complaint will be resolved appropriately and on time.

12.3 If for some reason, you are not pleased with the result of our investigation, then you may proceed by demanding an individual person (typically the Commonwealth Privacy Officer) to study and investigate your complaint.


13.1 To get in touch with Contactless Solutions regarding your personal information, complaints, or any other query, feel free to email at [email protected].