Contactless Solutions Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 Hi, we are the Contactless Solutions (Contactless Solutions, we, us). The sole purpose of providing you with the Terms of Service of Contactless Solutions Website is to make sure that you have full understanding of your obligations and rights whenever you are directed to our website cited at (Website) and use our Services (listed as follows).

1.2 Any type of indication in these Terms of service whether “you”, “your” or “Customer” directly refers tothe person currently watching or using the Website or/and its Services.

1.3 Contactless Solutions offers an interactive mobile menu (Menu) to its customers which comprises of food, beverage as well as merchandise products (Products) from third party venues (Venues) or/and restaurants. By visiting the URLs (links) on the website’s Venue, by scanning the QR code or by clicking the NFC chip located at Venues that have participated or by visiting the links located on a Venue’s website, Customers will be redirected to our Website and will be able to view photos and all the necessary information regarding Products and after selecting the payment method of your choice, you will be able to purchase the Products (Order) from the Menu on our Website which is further processed as per clause 3 (Services).

1.4 You abide by these Terms and Privacy Policy of Contactless Solutions (located at by navigating, accessing or using the Website or/and the services provided by our Website. You are advised to terminate usage of this website or its services if you disagree to these Terms.

1.5 It is possible that Contactless Solutions modify these Terms at some point in the future at its own will. If you aim to continue using our Website or/and its Services, you will be considered to have approved any updated terms from the time they are published on the Website.

1.6 Contactless Solutions has full authority to inspect and follow the necessary legal measures in order to tackle with any sort of Illegal or/and unlicensed use of our Website, its Services or violation of these Terms.

2. Using our Services and Website

2.1 Contactless Solutions provides you with an unassignable, non-exclusive license to use, access and navigate the Services or/and Website subject as long as you fulfil these Terms.

2.2 In order to use the Services, you grant full access to your personal information as well as your location to Contactless Solutions. You agree and acknowledge the fact that all of your data collected by our Website will be handled in the light of our Privacy Policy.

2.3 You allow Contactless Solutionsto send electronic messages to the telephone number or/and email address that you provided. By using the Services provided by our Website, you grant permission to Contactless Solutions to send you electronic messages. However, the messages sent to you will only be in reference with your order and, if you wish to participate further, those messages may subject to our marketing and other relevant information regarding our services that you may wish to see. You have full authority to discontinue receiving direct emails about our marketing communications and other information whenever you want.

2.4 You acknowledge that placing Orders using the Services means that you will have to make full payment for the Products that you Order according to clause 3.

2.5 You can purchase alcoholic products for instance beverages that contain alcohol or products that you are allowed to consume only if you are over the age of 18 years only if you guarantee the fact that you are over 18 years of age.

2.6 You approve the fact that the Venue is in charge of fulfilling all laws in terms of serving alcohol thus ensuring that the Venue possesses a valid and legal license of alcohol the purpose of which is to make sure that only those Customers are being served with alcohol who are over the age of 18 years.

2.7 You agree that Contactless Solutions is not responsible for making sure certain facts regarding your order for instance the availability or deliver of products that you order within the specified period of time or guaranteeing quality of the Products delivered.

2.8 You acknowledge that Contactless Solutionsis not responsible for any type of mistakes found in the information, displayed on its Website, of a certain venue, its menu, photos and its product listings and does not assure that any of this information is correct.

2.9 You agree that Contactless Solutions is not responsible if a certain Venue’s products are out of stock, or the Venue turn down your order even if the products are in stock since our website plays the role of a middle man between the Venue and you, as the Customers.

3. Our payment terms

3.1 You agree to pay for any of the Orders, that you place on the Venue, according to the specified terms of payment and that you will purchase the Product for exact price that appears on the Website.

3.2 Contactless Solutions claims to receive payments for the Products on account of Venues from where you Order by making use of the Services provided by us. You don’t get the privilege to make payment directly to the Venue whenever you Order the Products by using our Services.

3.3 You acknowledge that taxes are integrated in all the prices specified on the Website as well as the payments received by us as per legal requirements.

3.4 You accept the fact that your Order will not be placed by Contactless Solutions unless you pay the whole specified amount of the Product via our Website.

3.5 You are fully aware of the fact that apart from the purchase price, of a certain Product, defined at the Venue, the purchase price or availability of the Product may vary every once in a while, on the Services or/and Website.

3.6 You agree that Contactless Solutions makes use of external paying agents (Payment Processors) such as Square, Stripe, Hyper wallet, Braintree, PayPal, Google and Apple Pay, but however is not restricted to only these. Also, you realize that apart from the total purchase price of the Product, you have to pay any extra dues charged by the external paying agents.

3.7 Both cash and credit card payments are made in accordance with terms and conditions as well as privacy policies of the external paying agents and your credit card issuer. Contactless Solutions has no concern with any sort of mistakes in the terms and conditions and privacy policies specified by both the credit card issuer and Payment Processors on their respective websites.

3.8 You agree that Contactless Solutions is not answerable to any type of unauthorized use of payment method by approving that you are legally eligible to proceed with any sort of payment method which you specify while using our Services.

3.9 You acknowledge that after placing an Order, Contactless Solutions will be able to deliver your Order only after validating your payment. Once the Order has been placed, you won’t be able to cancel or change it and you won’t receive a refund for it contingent upon clause 7.4 and refund policy of the Venue.

3.10 You agree that Venues have full right to refuse or/and reject your Order whenever they want irrespective of the time. If, due to some reason,the Venue cancels your Order, a refund will be provided to you as per refund policy of the Venue.

4. Use of coupon codes

4.1 Coupon codes which may provide you with certain discounts, concessions, bonus offers or other deals for you in order to use our Services may also be offered by the Venue (Venue Coupon Codes). You are allowed to utilizethe valid Venue Coupon Codes according to the terms and conditions specified by that particular Venue by taking into account the following conditions:

  • The sole purpose of these Venue Coupon Codes is to allow you with an ease of making any sort of payment and can be used only once, for each payment. These coupon codes should be used within the specified due date, before its expiry, and one cannot exchange these codes for cash.
  • Contactless Solutions as well as the Venue has full authority to modify, cancel, discontinue, or suspend the terms and conditions of Venue Coupon Codes along with any sort of linked discount or privilege at any moment.
5. Our content and access

5.1 Contactless Solutions takes all the necessary actions to make sure that all the information displayed on the Website regarding the Menus as well as the Products is up to date and precise. However, we do not guarantee that the information provided is complete or satisfactory for Customers.

5.2 You are fully aware pf the back and accept it whole heartedly that the information displayed on our Website might be incorrect and might contain some typing mistakes or/and some technical faults. You realize and accept that with the passage of time, the Website as well as the Services offered by it may change and that whenever you navigate to our Website, it is not necessary that the Website content will be correct or up to date at that moment.

5.3 It is your duty to reach out us if you have any type of ambiguity or uncertainty regarding any Product or information displayed on the Website that you wish to Order. Contactless Solutions declines any responsibility for any type of direct/indirect destruction or loss that is caused from your use or reliance on the Services or/and Website in its entirety as legally permissible.

5.4 You agree not to make any type of effortwhich may modify, add to, eliminate, deface, hack or otherwise interfere with the Services or/and the Website as well as any other Product or information displayed on the Website until or unless explicitly allowed by us or these specified Terms.

5.5 You approve that you won’t hide, modify, deface or delete any of the copyright trademark, symbol, or notice of other registered rights.

5.6 No type of assurance about facts such that your access to the Services and/or the Website are going to be uninterrupted or that the Services or/and the Website is protected against viruses or the other type of malware which can affect your device or data in a bad way just by accessing our Services or Website.

5.7 You realize that, at any moment, Contactless Solutions may take the site under maintenance which in turn may temporarily terminate your access to the Website.

5.8 In case you violate any of these Terms, we will have full authority to terminate or dismiss your rights of using our Service or/and Website. However, you will be notified and will be allowed to make up for any type of violation of our security in case you are involved in violation of these Terms.

6. Intellectual Property

6.1 It is acknowledged by Contactless Solutions that they have all the legal rights overs the stuff that is displayed on the Service or/and the Website, which may include all the relevant information, artwork, graphics, photographs, names, logos, illustrations, trademarks, copy writing along with all the design components (Contactless Solutions Intellectual Property). All of the above-mentioned material is our property and are guarded by trademark, copyright and additional intellectual property laws. Without our written consent, you are not allowed to use Contactless Solutions Intellectual Property for any sort of commercial reason.

6.2 You approve of not re-producing, copy pasting, duplicating, re-selling, retransmitting, publishing, broadcasting or circulating any of the Contactless Solutions Intellectual Property in case of any sort of commercial usage to any of the third parties unless you have our written consent.

6.3 You realize that in case if you continue reproducing, copy pasting, duplicating, re-selling, retransmitting, publishing, broadcasting or circulating any of the Contactless Solutions Intellectual Property, and if in case we suffer through any type of loss, damage and destruction, you will have to compensate for it.

6.4 We do not provide you with any sort of license or right in or assign all or some portion of the rights of the Contactless Solutions Intellectual Property.

6.5 Several links which are generated and managed by third party Venues may also be displayed on the website. None of the third-party material is sponsored, managed or approved by Contactless Solutions and they are not related to your usage of those third-party websites. Therefore, in order to use their services, you are advised to have a look at their terms and conditions as well as privacy policy.

6.6 You guarantee that you won’t violate the rights and terms and conditions of related third-party Venues as well as the Intellectual Property Rights of Contactless Solutions.

7. Limitation of Liability

7.1 Contactless Solutions denies any type of responsibility in case you suffer from any sort of damage or destruction be it regarding your link with the Services or/and the Website materialor your usage or overall Website performance as well as the Services to its extreme legally authorized including without limitation and liability in reference to:

  • Minors (under the age of 18 years) consuming alcohol.
  • Your intake of such Products that may somehow cause hypersensitivity; or
  • Any sort of depiction of the ingredients included in the Products.

7.2 You agree to the fact that only you are responsible for using the Services or/and the Website at your sole and that you will never blame us for suffering from any sort of damage, loss or destruction hat may be caused by using our Services or/and Website, and if in case you blame us and we suffer from any type of loss or destruction, you will be responsible for it and you will have to compensate for our loss.

7.3 Nevertheless,you acknowledge that the total liability of Contactless Solution will not go beyond the total price of your Order,as legally permissible.

7.4 Contactless Solutions provides you with the services with a guarantee that they cannot be omitted based upon Australian Consumer Law. There is no such thing found in these Terms which may claim to change or eliminate the guarantees, conditions, warranties, undertakings, along with other legal rights, in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law and other laws which cannot be altered or omitted.

7.5 Where any other law imposes a certain guarantee on this agreement that may not legally enforceable allowed by law(Warranty), any liability imposed upon Contactless Solutions in reference to violation of this guarantee will at its sole discretion be limited to a refund of the total worth of the Order.

8. Indemnification

In accordance with the law enforcement, you give us with your consent of repaying us against and from any sort of liabilities, loss, costs, requests, causes of action, destruction and expenditure (as well as legal dues) caused as a result of your violation of any of the regulations of these Terms or/and your usage of the Services or/and Website.

9. Severability

In the event, if any sort of regulations of these Terms is seen as invalid or inapplicable under any relevant legislation, such type of short coming or unenforceability shall not ruin these Terms in general, thus such regulations will be removed without influencing the rest of the regulations.

10. Assignment

We are allowed to shift, sub-contract and allot our privileges as well as other commitments based on these Terms without getting you involved in it. You are not allowed to shift, appoint, or subcontract any of your privileges as well as commitments under these Terms.